Fed Dix now
Fort Dix then
Buzz cut boys
Were better men

Burma Shave

Peep 5

At "Dix" an X military base turned federal prison, X mayors & other corkscrews shoot the breeze. Bragging on who lost hizzoner first. Oh what a night. Late September 1984? Or before? Saucy Buddy claims he raped at pop-gun point. Bobby Jay sez he was born with his hand out. But Big Joe all snug in his bunk, dream drives a graft laden limo. Out on the parade ground teenage ghosts drop and do 60: some never return from Korea. While up the river in a truly capital city, a rookie cops more than a feel. His shaving cream shorts do the beer barrel porker. He can't wait to pound out the beat in some ghetto. Where HUD homes by cracky, get the non profit treatment. Scotch tape rehabs! No inspections! Dummy documents! Step up for a fabu slab. If it crumbles, let it go. Taxpayers pick up the tab....
Enter PEEP 5


PEEP 5 Cover