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  QT's Got a Brand New Bag!
A Web Bag that is. On The Qt has expanded into Mondo QT, an umbrella beneath which you'll find home pages for sister publications "deep qt", PEEP and On The QT Special Features. As well as a search engine and full archive. "deep qt" is the little e-newsletter that covers corrupt politics, greed au go go, neglected neighborhoods, drug crime and yard sale Barbies. PEEP is an online art zine with a touch of topicality. Along with International Mail Art, candid snaps of environmental carnage and aesthetic appreciations of pulp fiction, every issue features a different mock PEEP cover cast in the scandal mag graphic style of yesteryear. But the topics are torn from today's headlines. Or from headlines that should be there but aren't. Like: Which Pols Are Pimping Your City? Or: Which Mayors Are Married To The Mob? On The QT Special Features are lengthier, more serious takes on similar subjects.

Mondo QT roughly translates into "world of hidden truths". The ones kept under our collective hat. Or hairpiece. Mondo kicks off with an On The QT Special Feature titled "Heads Will Roll".

  Heads Will Roll: Part Two
February 2003: The beat goes on. Checking back on the wild & wacky world of mortgage fraud and housing scams. A hair raising tale of straw buyers, the walking, investing dead and ex tech bubble boys turned mortgage brokers. Rallying cry-- Inflate & Obfuscate. Then off to eastern Europe for some heavy duty asset stripping, money laundering and the Mafia Capitalism thing. In 1995, Dr. Louise Shelley looked into a crystal ball and asked-- Transnational Crime: A Threat To The Nation State? Or as Marvin Gaye put it some years earlier: What's Going On?
  Heads Will Roll: Part One
Autumn 2002: Now that Wall Street has said Oops, we did it again and again there's a nagging feeling that another shoe is dangling. Could something wicked this way come, resulting from the growth in mortgage fraud? Have Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, America's twin godzillas of the secondary mortgage market, been partying without sufficient protection, on a perceived mattress of taxpayer dollars? And why have Fan and Fred been pushing to replace living, breathing real estate appraisers with an automated system? And then there's that free money . The practice of mortgage flipping is described, plus its negative social impact, in the context of the massive, Amico real estate fraud case unspooling in Rochester, New York. Part One of Two.
  ON THE QT #25, 5/19/2002
Final issue of the urban incarnation of On The QT. Change in tone and format heralded. Personal history/anecdotes of the editor's life long city residence. Round-up of the year's political corruption cases in Northeast cities. Camden, New Jersey resident on the pimping of his hometown. What lay behind the decision to do a new QT from the wide open spaces. Are we living in the United States of Enron? Deep QT, Peep Magazine.
  ON THE QT #24, 4/21/2002
The Glorious Urban Future. Irvington, New Jersey Mayor Sara Bost busted. Other Gunitegate investigations: Mayor Marty Barnes of Paterson and Essex County Republican Executive James Treffinger. Has Bohemia gone strip crazy? The wild strip mall scene on New York's Route 9W twixt Albany and Ravenna. The anti-patroon system Rent Wars of the 1800's in upstate New York.
  ON THE QT #23, 3/24/2002
Homeland Security: Part Two. Limiting Foia requests: pitfalls and possible misuse. Asbestos abatement fraud in upstate New York continued: AAR Contractor/AAR Environmental Services. AAR and their Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant contract. After Janizewski: the battle to be Democratic County Executive in Hudson County, New Jersey. What's at stake. Various players including: Congressman Robert Menendez and Thomas DeGise.
  ON THE QT #22, 3/10/2002
Homeland Security. Part One. Spycams: limitations and possible misuse. Spycam results in urban crime prevention. Heroin ring arrests in lower Pine Hills in Albany, New York. Al Giordano of Narco News and Transparency International.
  ON THE QT #21, 2/24/2002
Asbestos abatement fraud in upstate New York. Largest case of fraud in U.S. environmental history. AAR Contractor, Inc. involvement and connection to Analytical Laboratories of Albany (A.L.A.). AAR head Alex Salvagno. A.A.L's Timothy Carroll. Salvagno as treasurer of the Environmental Business Association of New York State (EBA/NYS). Michael Wright and his Oklahoma anti boomcar website.
  ON THE QT #20, 2/10/2002
The corruption bust of Mayor Marty Barnes of Passaic, New Jersey. The United Gunite Inc. involvement. Mayor Phil Giordano of Waterbury, Connecticut and Worth Construction. Terror broker Kevin Ingram's short sweet jail sentence and his Internet bulletin board activities. Drug trade in Albany, New York insufficiently covered by local newsmedia.
  ON THE QT #19, 1/27/2002
Frequently asked questions about QT, Part Two. Where is QT published. Social/political background of Jersey City and Hoboken, New Jersey in last two decades. Why pick on HUD? The Housing Fraud Initiative Task Force and HUD's Officer/Teacher next door program.
  ON THE QT #18, 1/13/2002
Frequently asked questions about QT, Part One. The value and problems of second tier cities. The blandification of first tier cities. The loss of the second hand book trade in Manhattan. Bookstores in upstate New York. The Internet in small cities. Corruption of the urban political class. Waterbury, Connecticut's Mayor Phil Giordano. Failed solutions to urban blight. Do U.S. mayors vacation in Plato's Cave?
  ON THE QT #17, 12/16/2001
America's great paperback pulp writers: their urban themes compared to those of New Urbanism. The crumbling social contract in second tier cities. Internet news roundup.
  ON THE QT #16, 11/18/2001
Thanksgiving roundup of Northeast political gobblers. Corruption cases of Mayor Buddy Cianci of Providence, Rhode Island, Mayor Phil Giordano of Waterbury, Connecticut, Mayor Joseph Ganim of Hartford, Connecticut, Mayor Mike Albano of Springfield, Mass, Hudson County Democratic Executive Robert Janizewski in New Jersey and Gold Coast developer Joe Barry. FBI interest in misuse of HUD Section 108 loans and ISTEA grants. Plus kitten crushing Sing Sing prison guard Ronald Hunlock.
  ON THE QT #15, 11/4/2001
The Internet and 9/11: New war, new media. From a speech delivered 10/01 at a teach-in at Burlington College in Vermont. New York City area neighborhood responses to 9/11, Internet co- ordination of emergency efforts. Samples of reflective writing and range of opinion shared via email. Photos of WTC from amateur sources. The gear up for Internet surveillance. Mayor Jerry Jennings of Albany and the "Burgermeister" title.
  ON THE QT #14, 10/21/2001
Money laundering. Bush & Clinton's record. Hawala. Store coupon fraud & links to terrorism. More on Jersey City's Mike Malik & terror broker Kevin Ingram. Mayor Bret Schundler's war on terror in Jersey City, New Jersey. Mayor Jerry Jenning's war on Claudia Schiffer's underwear in Albany, New York.
  ON THE QT #13, 10/7/2001
Kevin Ingram: Wall Streeter & terror money launderer. Goldman Sachs Bond Trader. Head of Deutsches Bank mortgage backed securities department. Pakistan, London, Florida, Jersey City and Tribeca. Ingram cohorts: Diajaa Mohsin, Mike Malik, Randy Glass. The trajectory of Ingram's post Deutsches Bank ventures.
  ON THE QT #12, 9/23/2001
Post 9/11. Taking good from evil. Citizenship vs. consumerism. New York City social atmosphere on 9/11. GE's Jack Welch and corporate responsibility: "squeeze the lemons". Schenectady's job losses apres GE pullout. Post 9/11 scenarios. Elberon Street in Albany, New York: drug crime history. Albany Mayor Jerry Jenning's byegone election promises.
  ON THE QT #11, 9/9/2001
Corruption insights fom international sources. Waterbury Connecticut's Phil Giordano: kiddie sex charges & a corruption case. Mayor Jerry Jennings and the ho hum primary race in Albany, New York. Previously denied gang activity to serve as raison d'etre for a grant financed gang information center. Albany's nuisance abatement ordinance. Worthy newspaper story roundup. Those wild Jersey City cyberbabes who roast Bret Schundler.
  ON THE QT #10, 8/26/2001
HUD Fraud and limitations on meaningful oversight. The failed HUD gun buyback program. Drug profit laundering at Saratoga Race Track. The beauty of upstate New York cities. Class divisions in gentrified Hudson, New York. Sandy Baird of Burlington, Vermont: Progs vs. Poor.
  ON THE QT #9, 8/5/2001
Corruption defined. Noise issues. Boomcars. The July 4th, 2001 murder of Jersey City, N.J. police officer Domenick Infantes. Neighborhoods and rowdy bars. College booze riots. Uping the ante of destructive behavior. Albany, New York's Drug Family Robinson. Book reviews: Richard Poe's "7 Myths of Gun Control", Helene Stepinski's "5 Finger Discount".
  ON THE QT #8, 7/22/2001
Stuyvesant Town apartment complex in Manhattan goes "market level". The social fallout. Who needs an urban middle class? Bart Plantenga on NYC. Sandy Baird on Bernie Sanders and Burlington, Vermont. Sullied Mark Munley appointed HUD head in Jersey City, New Jersey. Drowned dog fight victims found in Washington Park Lake in Albany, New York.
  ON THE QT #7, 7/8/2001
Memorial to Lee Polk, neighborhood activist extraordinaire in Jersey City, New Jersey. The drug scene in Albany, New York. Minorities flee to the suburbs. Corruption in northeast building departments.
  ON THE QT #6, 6/24/2001
The Noir side of New Urbanism. Neo Boosterism defined. Murders in Albany, New York, June 2001. Denials by Mayor Jerry Jennings of gang activity. Requirements of drug trade. Newly elected Mayor Glen Cunningham plans for fighting crime in Jersey City, New Jersey. Camden, New Jersey's mega corrupto Mayor Milton Milan. Developer Pete Mocco's pre fab Greenwich Village on The Gold Coast. Hoboken as Arson City in the 80's. The deportation of substance abusers to upstate New York.
  ON THE QT #5, 6/10/2001
From Milwaukee: Metcalfe Park drug activity hotline failure. How urban neighborhoods deteriorate. Section 8 slumlords. June, 2001 in Albany, New York's student ghetto: dead babies, drug busts & trash. Twilight for Twilo, a neighborhood niteclub blight. Mayoral races in Jersey City and Hoboken, New Jersey. Glen Cunningham & Dave Roberts elected. The anti development factor.
  ON THE QT #4, 5/27/2001
Jersey City Mayor Bret Schundler's campaign for New Jersey governor. Suitability questioned. Lack of improvement in Jersey City's nabes. How is success measured for urban pols? Mayor Jerry Jenning's plans for "college town" in a crime impacted section of downtown Albany, New York. Mayor Rudy Guilliani and Tommy the Trout tout a stadium for Manhattan's Westside. Neighborhood groups are not amused. Pithy quote by Prof. Henry Louis Taylor on the percentage of HUD Community Development Block Grant funds that reach the urban poor in Buffalo, New York.
  ON THE QT #3, 5/13/2001
Mayoral elections in Jersey City, New Jersey and Jersey City, New Jersey. Mayor Jerry Jennings of Albany and Bret Schundler in Jersey City: campaigns and candidates compared. Unfulfilled promises re neighborhood improvements. Development policies. Political website activity in Jersey City: Stop Bret Schundler, etc. Internet Paul Reveres. Hell's Kitchen in Manhattan and neighborhood activism. Mayor "Buddy" Cianci of Providence, Rhode Island and "Operation Plunderdome". A guide to dirtbag logic.
  ON THE QT #2, 4/29/2001
New Jersey Senator Robert Torricelli's Chinese suits. Albany, New York, Mayor Jerry Jennings & Claudia Schiffer's undies. Noise as numero uno quality of life complaint. Boomcars. Mid- Manhattan problem clubs: The Roxy & Twilo. Chelsea neighborhood groups fight Tambourine Entertainment & Dreams Come True. The Jersey City Heights & Hoboken, New Jersey and "The Big 80's" development boom. America's ethical decline: skimming and scamming by average citizens in everyday transactions. The government money trap.
  ON THE QT #1, 4/15/2001
Introduction to On The QT: purpose & subjects. Corruption as non ideological and bipartisan. America becoming a "low trust society". QT's scandal mag roots. "Bringing Campaign Finance Reform To Albany" 2001 conference. U.S. mayors running amuck: Buddy Cianci in Providence, Rhode Island, ex-Mayor Jerry McCann of Jersey City, New Jersey. Jerry Brown on Buddy Cianci. Types of citizen complicity. Bar, neighborhoods and the New York State Liquor Authority. Manhattan neighborhoods with bar problems.
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