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ED's Social Whirl
October 3, 2005: The social season kicks off with notable anti-eminent domain (ED) events. Head for Brooklyn, New York on the evening of October 5th for "A Celebration, Inspiration and How To Stop Eminent Domain In Its Tracks" at the BRIC Studio at 57 Rockwell Place. Around the corner from the Brooklyn Academy of Music. Call Develop Don't Destroy at 718-362-4784 for time & direction. Or pop the provided link to DDD.

The BRIC line-up is killer-- first, some main street merchants from Bloomfield, New Jersey who squelched an ED attack by Bruce Ratner and the Toll Brothers (not a retro folk group but mega developers) will be guests at a reception. Their victory will be toasted. A glass of champagne in hand? Hey-- landgrabbers don't always get what they want. (Though sometimes other people get what they need.) Then catch a screening of "All For The Taking". George McCullough's doc about ED's rampage in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. See the elderly poor disappear when the Neighborhood Transformation Initiative (NTI) transforms them right out of Philly! See Mayor John Street rise above kazillion municipal corruption investigations to oversee a $1.6 billion revitalization budget! Last but not least catch the latest on legislative efforts re ED from a prominent panel of political reps, attorneys, and community activists.

On October 8th, it's off to Camden, New Jersey. Where the Delaware River kisses the Atlantic Ocean. And where the low income nabe of Cramer Hill is being targeted for an ED job by some of South Jersey's most powerful pols & players. An anti-ED demo is being held by the Cramer Hill Residents Association. At the Cramer Hill Community Center at Rivers and Reeves Avenue. Starting at 11 A.M. Call (856) 964-2465 for info. Be there-- or be as square as Donald Trump's "hair".

Carola Von Hoffmannstahl-Solomonoff

"...the plan is specific, and what it calls for is revitalization. It doesn't call for a mish-mosh! ...the idea and the best plan is to move forward, bring everything down to the ground and build up again."

Bloomfield, New Jersey Mayor Raymond McCarthy, NJ-News Today, 08/05/05

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