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Eat To The Beat
June 10, 2005: In Springfield, Massachusetts, a fine fish flipped for the feds in a case of deep fried corruption at the Springfield Housing Authority (SHA). On June 9th, X exec Francis X. Maroney of the SHA pled guilty to charges of bribery and obstruction of justice. The agency was allegedly plundered by its top XX for decades. Maroney was a few steps below the alleged ring leader: housing authority executive director Raymond B. Asselin. Stingray Asselin allegedly brought his whole family on board for the feeding. Maroney confessed to taking bribes from public contractors: he also mentioned doing laundry for the Asselins. (Not the kind that requires quarters.) Among the bribes Maroney enjoyed was a free makeover for his home in Belchertown. Yup. Belchertown. The most radical home makeover of all is eminent domain. Aka ED. Now abused nationally in the name of revitalization. With private property being taken from the lesser and given to the greater. The Supreme Court is considering ED's constitutionality. The State of Utah isn't waiting. Utah banned the use of eminent domain by redevelopment agencies in March. But Mayor Adam Schneider of Long Branch, New Jersey is standing tall. "Maybe the best thing that could happen is that they could throw me out of office" says the maybe X Mayor in defiance of the negativity coming his way re his taste for waterfront ED. We dig ED too whinnied redevelopment reps Jeffrey A. Nadell of K. Hovnanian Homes and David Barry of Hoboken-based Applied Development as they joined Schneider on a dais. The royal presentation of a "case study of the redevelopment process" (thanks Asbury Park Press!) was served on June 9th to the Northern New Jersey District Council of The Urban Land Institute. They know good eats. Some call it creative destruction. Meaning: you gotta get up to get down. Or is it the other way around? In Albany, New York, angels have landed. The kind led by Curtis Sliwa. In May, SUNY Albany prez Kermit Hall showed a slide of Sliwa during a luncheon speech before the Albany Roundtable. In context of a crime combat talk re the Student Ghetto. Once upon a time I asked why BID bux couldn't cover security types for slipping shopping strips in Albany. Stoney was the silence. Nice to know crime fighters from afar are now AOK. Hark-- do I hear the Midtown Plan walking? Further west in New York some folks on the Internet are watching state Senator Tom Libous. Others elsewhere have their eyes on the NFI message board. Seeking enlightenment on rumored chop jobs by lunatics. Attention Will Robinson! The campaign war chest of Mayor Dave Roberts of Hoboken, New Jersey has swollen to a quadruple D cup. Receipts runneth over at $750,487. In a town with pop 40,000. Banana splits for everyone! Courtesy of state Senator Bernard Kenny, the HCDO, plus a host of developers and no-bid public contractors. Meanwhile, two wildly wealthy men who've worked with Jersey's most creative chefs are suiting up to run for the statehouse. As reformers. Go Corzine! Go Forrester! It's a mad mad mad world. But Lord it sure is tasty.

Carola Von Hoffmannstahl-Solomonoff

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