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PEEP Magazine: The Art of Living - In Pictures!

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PEEP 7: The Psychedelic Trivet: Part 2
February 10, 2006: Eyes ahoy! And welcome to part 2 of PEEP 7. Where blue flowers bloom and the big back and forth continues. Sans bombs but with plenty of laffs. Speak friend and enter.

PEEP Cover/Carola Von Hoffmannstahl-Solomonoff, New York, USA

In the graphic style of American scandal mags from the 1950's. This ish a pictorial dish of the urban political scene. Want BID boys who hit & run? HUD bux to lift sagging real estate? Or how about the skinny on Mao Tse Tung, eminent domain and those wacky U.S. Mayors? Yeah, you can have it like that...

The King Has Left The Building/Mike Dickau, California, USA

Mike Dickau, aka Captain Biology, has the touch. And the look. See aliens (or are they bureaucrats?) abduct a beloved icon! See Mike immortalize the moment! See art by Mark Dickau whenever and wherever you can. Feasting your eyes shouldn't be difficult. Mike's work appears in art shows regularly and has received the imprimatur of Zippy the Pinhead. If you want to meet Mike, you can find him at Jack's. Snapping photos of saucers.

Hats & Heads/Paula Jesgarz, Germany

On the dark side dear Paula can be. Reality is a sandwich she didn't order. So she skillfully rearranges the cold cuts via collage and hand tinting. Beautifully. PS: Her mailing address has changed.

The Simon Warren Journal Project/Simon Warren, U.K.

Detail from a tightly packed page of handwritten text in black is black ink. With words struck out as definitively as Casey. Minute by minute entries re street life and flat living in London mingled with ruminations on Death in Venice. Pages from Simon Warren's Journal Project appear in many Mail Art places. If all were gathered together the result would a history of the here and now. Through a pen darkly.

Collaboration/Mark Greenfield & D. Zinovjev, U.K. & Latvia

More black and white. A remarkable phantaste. So ornate an arabesque it could be a psychedelic trivet. One line becomes another. And returns eternally. Mark Greenfield also publishes a tasty Mail Art zine: La Boheme Art.

Envelope Ephemera Construction/C. Z. Lovecraft, California, USA

Eye popping envelopes are a Mail Art specialty. C.Z. Lovecraft puts orbs in orbit. Though his name evokes the revered Rhode Island Recluse, C.Z. is more cheerful than H.P. His packets of evocative ephemera and charming constructions are always a joy to receive.

Imagine Peace/Isao Yoshoii, Japan

Wow. That's a tough one. What with so many countries needing to be democratized by force. Plus all those folks who go ballistic when cartoons poke fun at their prophets. But if we shut our eyes tight and concentrate really hard, we might imagine something as graceful and lovely as this color collage by Isao Yoshoii.

High Priestess & Tower, 2 from Arcana of the Tarot/Henning Mittendorf, Germany

The hardest part of picking which work by Henning to put in PEEP is picking which work by Henning to put in PEEP. Since everything he does is so fine. The only possible criteria is what looks best when viewed on a monitor. So here goes. Two examples from Henning Mittendorf's interpretation of the Arcana of the Tarot.

Group Efforts

Christmas In Connecticut/anti eminent domain installation by a group of residents from the Fort Trumbull neighborhood in New London, Connecticut, USA.
Photo: Doug Schwartz

The heart of a neighborhood is its people. But politicians, developers and urban planners often see low and moderate income neighborhoods as potential gold mines and dwellers therein as impediments. In the USA, the greedy have turned totalitarian. Using the power of government to seize land and homes. Their weapon? Eminent domain. Aka the right of government to take private property in the name of public use. Their new twist on the meaning of "public use"? Relocation is Revitalization! In June, 2005 the U.S. Supreme Court gave land grabbers the go ahead to use eminent domain in the city of New London, Connecticut and by extension, all over the country. A populist rebellion followed. Go team!

The first and foremost team are those living in what's left of the neighborhood of Fort Trumbull in New London. At Christmas, a group of those residents decorated homes which have been seized by local government. Homes that now stand vacant, awaiting the bulldozer. A prime example of the transformations bureaucrats and grand planners deliver. Santa sez the transformation wrought by the residents was far better.

What Is Mail Art Catalogue/Group Show initiated by Fraenz Frisch in Lorentzweiler, Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg. Realized with assistance and support from the Cultural Commission of the Community of Lorentzweiler and local government officials.

Last year, Lorentzweiler transformed itself into the point of destination for mega amounts of Mail Art via a show asking "What Is Mail Art?" Over 250 artists from all over the world addressed the question. Yet no nutshell answer was delivered. When it comes to Mail Art, no such answer exists. A fuller description of the show itself can be found in The Psychedelic Trivet Part 1. The catalogue from the event is a handsome and interesting document. The photos by Roland Azzeri, Fernand Boever, Frank Flener and Pierre Hilbert are high quality and Tania Conte's layout is inventive and thoughtful. Contact info for every artist is included. As are statements by curators, local government officials and correspondence relating to the show from various mail artists. Though PEEP doesn't have the space to provide more than a peep at the catalogue, perhaps a copy of "What is Mail Art?" can be obtained from its creators at:

Words & Music

Poems & Chapbook of Dreams/Mark Sonnenfeld, New Jersey USA

Reading Mark Sonnenfeld is to be reminded that New Jersey was once a place where beatniks roamed. Mark is a glorious throwback. Giving hope that not all life in Jersey has been crushed beneath conditoriums and McArt districts. Yet though Mark evokes the days when Ginsberg & crew gamboled in Bayonne, he has his finger on the current pulse of the Garden State. Like when he writes "now everyone pays to f*** on the beach". (Sorry for the stars folks. Mondo QT is family entertainment.) Or: "A poison paint factory looms in the distance. Undercover agents are setting up a bust." Mark publishes chapbooks and give-out sheets, with visuals often provided via collaboration with artists from non Jersey locales. Including Berlin & Moscow. You can find Mark at:

Mark Sonnenfeld
Marymark Press
45-08 Old Millstone Drive
East Windsor, New Jersey, O8520 USA

Zan Of 1000 Faces

As Described by David Solomonoff

Zanteson (Zan) Hoffman hails from Louisville, Kentucky. For over 20 years the Zan man has been a dynamo of ultra avant musical activity. In 1983 he began exchanging postcard collages with mail artists. Zan then expanded into audio. Recording ambient sounds from his Drake University dorm room and distributing them via cassette on his Zidsic (now Zanteson) label. Plugging into an international underground network of madcap music and sound collage. Since 83, Zan has segued into digital and completed a musical project on an average of every eight and a half days. Ranging from skewed new wave accordion pop under his Bodycocktail moniker to glitchy electronica under several guises, such as Zanstones (early exploratory sound-on sound), Zanoisect (his most extreme recordings), Masters of the Ungentlemanly Art (collaborations) and Creamy Porn Stars (loops). Zan has delivered many live performances in the USA and Europe, including a tour of Spain. When touring, Zan collects field recordings. The world spins: Zan captures the hum.

Mail Art is the Spider in the Bottle/Carola Von Hoffmannstahl-Solomonoff, New York, USA

One last word about Mail Art. Or more accurately, a warning. In a world of insta messaging and cultural quickies, Mail Art is slower than molasses. So unless you like art and communication what takes its time be careful. Becoming involved with Mail Art could lead to a life long love thang.

Carola Von Hoffmannstahl-Solomonoff

"Reality is unrealizable"

Henning Mittendorf, 2006

"An artist will betray himself with some form of sincerity"

G.K. Chesterton, "The Dagger With Wings," The Incredulity of Father Brown, 1926

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