February 2006
Carola Von Hoffmannstahl-Solomonoff

Land grabs 4
public good
ring like nickels
made of wood

Burma Shave

The urban bride stripped bare is not a pretty sight. Pols page Doktor HUD: his staff of quasi-public surgeons do cob job lifts. Non profit nurses flip inflated real estate at the poor. HUD pays the price. Banks sell the paper. HUD picks up defaults. The dance begins again. Not enuff brides? Invoke the public good. Take homes from old folks who own homes. Cha cha cha ka-ching! From beyond beyond, Mao say tongue that speak for public good is often fork. Moving money and entire populations into power maws. Say-- did ya hear the one about the BID boy who crashed his car in the ghetto he despised? Then tried to flee the DWI scene on foot? A white man running in a black nabe! How whack is that? How about bureaucrats who pop in for crack? Then head back to suburbs? 2 B fair, some place dealers close to home. Guess who lends a hand? Hey-- this land is HUD's land...

PEEP 7 Part 2


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