California, USA

Mocemi, Hermaphrodite Goddess of Mutangi

From Kiyotei's Den. And what a den it is. Like a rec room for the eyes. Knock back a few zombies and relax on the couch where kelp women cling. Kick your shoes off and watch your feet turn to seaweed. Or have a fling with Mocemi. But be warned-- Mocemi is no mere mish mosh of J-Lo and Ben, a fleck. We're talking real diety here....

Kiyotei's Den,


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Kiyotei: Mocemi, Hermaphrodite Goddess

"The Hermaphrodite Goddess, Mocemi, who is one of a large pantheon of trickster deities from the ficticious island nation of Matangi. The digital collage was created using elements from 11 different Pacific Island postcards and the left eye and lips of Warhol's Liz Taylor pop art." -- Kiyotei