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Peep 3
Mondo QT Productions

Mug shot Mao, dollar sign eye and a back lit babe in doorway to hell. Busted Pols do the perp walk in black velour jumpsuits and shackles galore. The last a hooker from Jersey. Was a top cop mob bitch on the side? Did Jimmie's joy boy have an itch to snuff snitch? "Are they all crazy, lazy or corrupt?" is axed rhetorically by
a public housing gadfly. Referring to inspector generals of all stripes. While myriad mayors in halls of shame feed public money to pit bulls in suits. Shoveling past promises into the can along with complaints about crime. Dreaming of voter free power. Rubbing their warts for luck. Turning on a dime or a nickel or hey-- even a tarnished penny.

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Peep Mag Cover #3: Mao and da Mob