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PEEP Magazine: The Art of Living - In Pictures!

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  peep down the rabbit hole: Alice in Mail Art Land/Traveling Light with a Pinhole Camera
January 26, 2009: January 27th is Rabbit Hole Day. Birthday of Lewis Carroll. Thanks to Lew, Alice saw the real world. For those of us who get lost in uffish thought of slithy pols and frumious government, Carroll is a beacon of better. To heck with the Jabberwock and their Bandersnatch bailouts. May the Jubjub bird fly up their nose. Time to leave town on the Alice Express, seated in the car marked "Mail Art". The beautiful paper keeps chugging. Rabbit-hole concepts are humming. Take a PEEP at the Pinhole Parcel Project of Jamie House and Mike Thompson. Point the camera obscura and shoot-- the world is yours!
  PEEP 7: The Psychedelic Trivet, Part Two
February 10, 2006: Eyes ahoy! Blue flowers bloom on arabesques of cast iron. The big back & forth continues. Open PEEP's scandal mag cover. Want America's urban elite served on a platter? Yeah, you can have it like that. Then turn to Mike Dickau (aka Captain Biology) in California for the latest on alien abductions. In the "Living" section, Paula Jesgarz (Germany) mixes hats with heads, Henning Mittendorf (Germany) interprets the Tarot and Isao Yoshoii (Japan) imagines peace. Simon Warren's journal covers street life in London and death in Venice. Mark Greenfeld (U.K.) and D.Zinovjev (Latvia) twist black and white into something more complex while California boy C.Z. Lovecraft rafts the Red River on an envelope. In New Jersey, Mark Sonnenfeld puts the Beat back in the land of McArt and Zan Hoffman of Louisville, Kentucky beats the band any band. Folks from the Fort Trumbull neighborhood in New London, Connecticut show eminent domain land grabbers the meaning of Christmas: the meaning of Mail Art is pondered in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. Is Mail Art the Spider in the Bottle? Go Ask Abby. When she's 10 feet tall...
  PEEP 7: The Psychedelic Trivet, Part One
December 31, 2005: In 4000 AD, archaeologists & art critics rave "how blechlectic" when artifacts from the 1970's are unearthed. A psychedelic trivet the jewel of the collection. Wrought iron arabesques & acid orange owls thrill fashionistas from Planet X. But hip hip hooray-- museums of the future already exist! Visit heavenly Schoharie County in New York USA for one of the best. Then blast off to Lorentzweiler in the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg. Where local government welcomed more than 250 mail artists from 34 countries who addressed the question "What is Mail Art?" Their answer? Return to senda! A chorus of angels with names like "pig" sang please mister postman. A key was used to open the world. Meanwhile, back in the states, mail artists Bern Porter & Carlo Pittore passed through the portals.
  PEEP 6: The Full Body
January 8, 2005: Long awaited, now delivered. The cover story? Mortgage Market Murders, Wildly Inflated Bras & Bank Notes from Hell. Inside, the river of Mail Art flows on. Carrying exotic envelopes by Ex Posto Facto in Texas & C.Z. Lovecraft in Cal. Claudio Romeo throws a get-together of Mail Artist photos in Italy and Giovanni Strada (aka StraDADA) sings like an angel. Isao Yoshii says "hi" from Japan in living color. Schoko Casana Rosso sends exquisite lines from Berlin. Pinky of the Isle of REC ( and sometimes Genova, Italy) spreads the word about the Funtastic United Nations. That spells F.U.N. right here in River City. Yet not all is jake. V2 in Washington State knows the truth about deceptive alien entities and Captain Biology in Sacramento shows the sinister side of his very First Visit to Jack's. Hint: that saucer didn't come from the kitchen. Thankfully, 2 hands of glory light the sky over Germany. Paula Jesgarz! Henning Mittendorf! And 2 pink ladies by Yours Truly head out to galleries. One to Romania with a recipe for globaloney. The other to a 9/11 commemorative show in Albany, New York. The mirror cracks from side to side. Ripples of shock & awe keep spreading and Heraclitus dips his toe in the Mail Art river-- the "big back and forth without bombs".
  PEEP 6 Prelude: The Transcendence of Tiny Folk
December 11, 2004: Forget Santa's Elves & Munchkins from Oz. Think Borrowers. Mary Norton captured their lives but the state didn't. Check gum machines for Homies. They hang in style for 50 cents. Palermos are spin-offs. Wee Mafiosi. Packing heat & becoming collectable-- speculators in tiny folk take note. Once upon a time, Francis Glessner Lee designed "Nutshell Studies in Unexplained Death". A teaching aid for cops in training. With tiny corpses in tiny crime scenes. In "spermatogonia: the isle of man" characters are large but their lives are less so. Laffs are gathered and the air hunches over Manhattan. Read Bart Plantenga! You won't regret! Back in 99, Barbie turned 40. An ayatollah attacked her. Itsy bitsy high heels started marching. "I am Barbie" cried Spartacus as he fluffed his hair and hit the road. And last month, on the Indonesian island of Flores, a Hobbit babe escaped her captors. Small world, isn't it? PEEP 6: The Full Body, with Magic by Mail Art, will be delivered for Christmas. Holly Jolly!
September 21, 2003: James Bond was the spy who loved her-- in a cheap motel in the Adirondacks area of upstate New York. Regionalism explodes: thugs from Troy die hard. Meanwhile detective Ike Van Savage tears into "Mobtown" aka Rochester, New York, circa 1959. Written in 2002 by Jack Kelly. The past was soooo bad. Even teens skipped mean streets. Ask Nancy Drew's sisters under the beanie: Trixie Beldon and Ginny Gordon. They covered the Hudson Valley waterfront. Up near Rome (NY not Italy) Freddy the Pig by Walter R. Brooks did in Simon the Dictator-- a mock revolutionary rat backed by a "human" realtor. Land grabs go best with rhetoric! Let there be light! So said Scott Munn in Jersey City, New Jersey. After the Pig 80's. His print baby "Light Reading" porked local pols, yet kept the sublime in view. PEEP links "Light" and takes you to "Visit Your Granny" aka Rhonda Boothe in Washington State. Granny will wow you with her art. And her memoirs "Satan's Ex". Once upon a time in Japan, Shozo Shimamoto turned his glowing eyes on the most local place of all-- the loo. Take a PEEP at Didier Moulinier in Bordeaux, France and Zan Hoffman in Louisville, Kentucky. Last Stop: Text & Graphic by Henning Mittendorf in Frankfurt/Main, Germany. The graphic is dynamite from nightmare land. The words speak "About The Beauty In Art". PEEP's cover dishes X Mayors at Dix, Rape City, USA and those "Non Profit" Prophets. Open the doors and see all the people...
May 26, 2003: So Warhol axed Christ: Is culture everywhere? Do dash board dollies sing doo dah doo dah? And what's the weirdest tale you ever got in the mail? Corn-tempory culture - or what? Zan Hoffman's hanger with hook. John Doe's head by Allen Bukoff. Shozo Shimamoto's ideogram. Snak-y and friends relax in Sardinia. Henning Mittendorf does likewise in Frankfurt. Another smashing PEEP cover where Lenin gets the look of Lovecraft. Who could ask for anything more?
Paint By Number Masterworks/Paula Jesgarz: Lost In Mail Art Heaven/The Effervescent Rudi Wilderjans/The Secret Nudie Pics
PEEP Cover: Which Mayors Are Married To The Mob? Dissertation on upstate New York pulpster Orrie Hitt. Why Confidential continues to thrill. Marlon Brando does Hell's Kitchen. The Wonders of International Mail Art. Works by Henning Mittendorf and Masami Akita/Merzbow Music. And a Jersey Turnpike Venus, rising out of the concrete crapola.
Spring 2002. PEEP Cover: Legalize Murder & Tax It Sez Dope Town Mayor! Model Jamie Tungsten bites the bullet. Venus De Milo Square City reflects. Stevens University in Hoboken, New Jersey digs into bedrock, clearing the way for one more parking lot. The Paperwork? Don't ask! Photo courtesy Ron Hine. Coalition for a Better Waterfront. Mail Artist S. Gustav Hagglund sits amidst the rubble of a Manhattan reno job...
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