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Mondo QT Mission Statement

Dig We Must. In God We Trust.
See recent articles on the history and future of QT.

Mondo QT is the umbrella over a series of linked online publications. On The QT was the initial endeavor and was launched in early 2001. "On The QT" took its title and its style from 50's scandal mags, those down and dirty publications that dished the dirt on a locked up entertainment industry which felt it was owed only good publicity. QT's focus wasn't the bedroom peccadillos of the stars, but patterns of corruption and the crumbling social contract in present day America. Usually, but not exclusively, in northeast urban areas and often in second tier cities-- our "Hometowns USA". A QT approach was to take seemingly singular incidents from individual cities and link them with similar events from other locations. The picture that emerged was sometimes horrific and occasionally difficult to write. But at times it was also funny. A kind of Hellzapoppin' ride in a shopping cart rattling downhill. Faster Pussycat! Spill! Spill!

Mondo QT promotes the idea that social change is needed, but not the sort cast in the tired old partisanships of the 20th century. Neither left nor right have clean hands and neither have all the answers-- though both at times have a piece of the truth. What's needed is not straitjacket ideology, but honest assessment of the current situation. To the best of our ability. The phrase "on the qt" is a slang term that was used in mid 20th century America. It roughly meant a hush-hush low down on previously hidden truth. The straight dope. Delivered "between you and me". It rested on belief that truth was there to be found and shared. A concept Mondo QT hopes to encourage. While having some fun along the way.

On The QT appeared every two weeks for one full year (2001) in snapshot prose format. Along with crooked politicians, unchecked street crime and general corruptoid capers, QT also discussed Internet freedom of speech, the public's right to information, the rise of online journalism and the Internet as voice for grassroots political dissidents. The full year of On The QT is indexed and online.

"deep qt" is more personal and anecdotal. A more detailed take on similar material to "On The QT"-- but delivered in more fanciful manner."Deep qt" is shorter, appears unheralded and is mailed selectively. Some issues will eventually be posted online in their entirety. But all are described in brief on the "deep qt" page and are sent upon request.

"QT Special Features" are lengthy, in depth reports that (as one scandal mag used to promise) "name the names" and "tell the facts". Since these are longer works, they will appear less frequently. At present 3 a year is the game plan.

"PEEP" is a online art magazine/gallery. PEEP focuses on the art of living. Each issue has a "cover", done in the style of raunchy scandal mags like "Confidential". Headlines scream sinnuendos about crooked pols and their cronies. Typical PEEP subject matter includes Mail Art, Paperback Cover Art and Pulp writers. Paint by number. Photos of fascinating people and bizarre situations. Barbie transformed and the long suppressed nude shots of Mao Tse Tung. You get the picture...

Welcome To Mondo QT.

Carola Von Hoffmannstahl-Solomonoff
Editor & Publisher

Copyright (c) 2004 by Carola Von Hoffmannstahl-Solomonoff. This material may be freely distributed subject to the terms and conditions set forth in the Open Publication License. This license relieves the author of any liability or implication of warranty, grants others permission to use the Content in whole or in part, and insures that the original author will be properly credited when Content is used. It also grants others permission to modify and redistribute the Content if they clearly mark what changes have been made, when they were made, and who made them. Finally, the license insures that if someone else bases a work on this Content, that the resultant work will be made available under the Open Publication License as well.

Mondo QT Home Mission QTOn The QT ArchivePEEP Magazinedeep qtQT Special FeaturesContactPrivacy Policy