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  HomeOwners For Better Building
HomeOwners For Better Building: Since 1978, Texas based HOBB has done strong consumer advocacy work on behalf of home owners. In the words of HOBB president Janet Ahmad: "Home builders have one far too long without checks and balances, and have become entrenched with confidence that they can do almost anything other professions would not dream of doing". One of the things HOBB has fought for is the passage of a nationwide home lemon law. As an aside, the HOBB site is a great place for prospective homebuyers to learn how to be canny when buying. One of the things pumping real estate fraud is buyer ignorance. Of course, some buyers don't care: they're just flippin'.
  International Compliance Association
International Compliance Association: ICA is a non profit, professional organization with the goal of furthering compliance and anti money laundering practice in the financial services sector. Their scope is global. ICA has recently added a dedicated news service which features international coverage from news agencies, newspapers and websites. ICA supports and educates compliance professionals. Membership is fee based as are Anti Money Laundering and Compliance Officer certification programs. No doubt a growth career since money laundering and its relation to terrorist financing, corruption and financial crime will be major issues in this century. The ICA site also features an extensive list of related links, a terrific resource open to all.
  Intellectual Property Justice
Intellectual Property Justice: Based in California, IPJ is a non profit, grass-roots membership based, civil liberties organization that promotes balanced intellectual property law. IPJ defends consumer rights to use digital media worldwide. IPJ works to build international coalitions focused on protecting freedom of expression and promotes laws and technologies that encourage creativity and innovation-- yet fairly compensate creators. IPJ is a strong advocate for the preservation of traditional consumer rights such as private copying, the public domain and reverse engineering. Executive Director, attorney Robin Gross, was formerly of the Electronic Frontier Foundation, where she was Staff Attorney for Intellectual Property. IP Justice is one of the most reasonable voices speaking to the issue of intellectual property. Highly recommended.
  March 3, 2003
As Marvin Gaye once put it: What's Going On? The Internet provides some answers as "Citizen Journalist" comes roaring out of cities and prairies across the political spectrum. Grinding axes with both hands, often focused on matters local or one particular bete noire: In Jersey, Fund For A Better Waterfront; DaHiller.com, editor Sergio Bichao; NorthBergenPD.Com, editor Tom Rowan. In New York, NYCHA Spotlight, editor Jack Ballinger. In Oklahoma, Michael Wright's Noise Pollution Site. In Ohio, City Of Mentor.info, editor George Beam.

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